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What is Crypto Thots?

Collect thots. Build your harem. Become an NFT P.I.M.P
Crypto Thots bridges the gap between NFTs and online content providers


Buy a thot from another harem holder or trade it with other pimps looking to build their stable of thots.


We'll be introducing the P.I.M.P. coin and add liquidity to benefit for holders.


We give away OF subs, OF content, NFTs and cash prizes to random minters and we call it the ‘thottery lottery’.


CryptoThots Timeline

%10 - The Thots Emerge
  • Revealing sneak peeks
  • Introducing Instagram filters
  • Reveal of the PIMP path
  • First thot rumors spread amongst
  • 666 Whitelist spots available open up
%30 - Thot Takeover Iniated
  • Start of the Thottery Lottery over $10.000
  • Sneak Peek of the upcoming 3D version of the thots
  • Onboarding more real life thot models
  • Second Collection Drop: Return of the thots!
%50 - Decentralized Thottery
  • 20% Of mint revenue flows back to the community
  • %10 of mint revenue flows to charity
  • Introduction of breed and mix functionality
  • Build your own Thot Harem.
  • Thot's backgrounds and traits to create your own perfect Thot NFT
%75 - From SIMP to PIMP
  • Thots gain more traction amongst influencers in the NFT scene
  • We reveal the story of how you can become a PIMP
  • Info about PIMP Coin and how you use it to advance on the PIMP path
  • PPI Introduction (Passive PIMP Income). Stake your Thot NFT(s) and get your slice of that sweet passive income.
%100 - The Thots Emerge
  • Once Thot tyranny is complete we're readt to reveal
  • The ultimate 3D crypto thots collection
  • After All.. Booty is supposed to be appreciated in 3D
  • The Crypto Thots enter the decentraland party with a splash.
  • 13 ETH Giveaway in our decentraland club.
  • P2E(PIMP 2 EARN) game introduction so you can show your PIMPING skills on the blockchain.

She doesn’t belong to the streets.
She belongs in your collection.


Many collections consist of 7,000 - 10,000 NFTs or even more. High supply makes it exceedingly hard to ensure enough buying pressure for the floor to hold and rise over time. That’s why we chose to work with a much lower body count. There will be 3,333 Thots released on the blockchain.


Thots attract eyeballs and attention. There’s no other way to put it. Entire wars have been fought over thottery. By working together with a select group of real life high profile thots we will reach vast amounts of people AND enter a market that no other NFT project has been able to effectively reach before.


At Crypto Thots we’re all about our community. After all: So it makes sense to build in rewards as soon as possible. Not only that, we’ve also set it up in such a way that 20% of mint revenue flows directly back to the Thot community.


No one likes a flat Thot. Booty is supposed to be appreciated in 3D. That’s why we’ll introduce the ultimate 3D Crypto Thots collection. As a Thot holder you’ll receive a 3D version of your Thots, ready to make a splash in the Metaverse.


As a Crypto Thot holder you’ll be able to stake your Thots and get your slice of that sweet passive income without lifting even one of your jewel ringed fingers. Not only that, we’ll also introduce a Pimp 2 Earn game so you can show your mad pimping skills on the blockchain and grow your pimping empire.


Is a Pimp even legit if he doesn’t have his own coin? Exactly. That’s what we thought. So we will be introducing the P.I.M.P. coin and add liquidity to benefit Crypto Thot holders. Earn passive income, expand your stable of Thots and rule the streets.

Crypto Thots



Looking for answers?

What are the NFTs?

NFT stands for 'non-fungible token'. Although, in this case, it also stands for a Non Fungible Thot. A NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. A NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token. Like an über hot Thot that is yours and yours alone.

How many supply?

Many collections consist of 7,000 - 10,000 NFTs or even more. High supply makes it exceedingly hard to ensure enough buying pressure for the floor to hold and rise over time. Contrary to popular belief, these thots have a low bodycount. Only 3,333 Thots will be released on the blockchain.

How much will they cost?

Each Crypto Thot will cost 0.1 ETH + gas. WL cost 0.08 ETH + gas Once minted, you'll just need to login into your OpenSea account to admire your Thots

Are Crypto Thots a good investment?

Why do you think pimps walk around in mink coats and silk robes? Those aren’t cheap you know. If we didn’t believe in our cause we wouldn’t have started this whole thing. If you think thottery is on the decline then it’s probably a good idea to fade this collection. But if you believe that thots are taking over social media and the world of content creation… then it’s probably a good idea to start your own thot harem. We will do everything in our power to establish Crypto Thots as a bluechip collection. But, just like in real life, don’t spend your rent money on thots.

How to Purchase Thots?

The easiest way to start on the NFT Pimp Path is to install a MetaMask extension in your Chrome browser and link your Ethereum wallet to it. Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the cost of the amount of Thots you’d like to add to your harem and make sure you have enough for gas fees. Approve the transaction on MetaMask and you are all set. Crypto Thots will be available to mint on our official website.

How many Crypto Thots can be minted by 1 wallet?

Pre-sale: max 3 per wallet Public-sale: max 5 per wallet

What is the $PIMP Token?

The $PIMP token will make it possible for you to put your Thots to work for you and earn some of that PPI (Passive Pimp Income). You’ll be able to stake your Crypto Thots and make $PIMP for every day she’s out there working for you. More details will be shared soon.

Crypto Thots



sajja.eth - Founder
Eva Polyanskaya - Main Artist
Bbyprinzz - Creative Director, Manager
SilurCryptUnity - Lead Developer


Bellorin Robert - Decentraland Developer
Thouxanstax - Developer
on17 - Chief of Security Operations


Prunus - Discord Manager, Consultant
shakeena.eth - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Barbae222 - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Brocode - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Rae N - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Dula21 - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Adi - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Echidna - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Edjing - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Christiin - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Hamid - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Ackerman - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
Scalard - Community Manager, Thot Moderator
VisualEda - Community Manager, Thot Moderator